Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scottish Government avoids exposure of risky named person scheme

"THE expert steering group set up to oversee the introduction of the SNP's state guardians has been secretly scrapped by Ministers. At what turned out to be the final meeting in May last year, Police Scotland raised concerns that "high-risk children" were no longer the "focus" of the universal approach. The minutes of the Girfec (Getting It Right For Every Child) Programme Board also make it clear that none of the members were expecting their work to be cancelled..."
"Chaired by Children's Minister Aileen Campbell, the group also involved police, civil servants, councils, social workers, health boards, children's charities and public sector unions...After the minutes of this meeting were published in September last year, this newspaper asked for more details about the issues raised by ACC Graham."

"The Scottish Government refused, saying it was `essential for Ministers and officials to be able to meet and hold confidential discussions with external stakeholders`."

"Now, after being asked for minutes of subsequent meetings, it has emerged that the programme board has in fact been scrapped altogether..."

"Liz Smith, the Scottish Conservatives' young people spokeswoman, said: "This seems an extraordinary situation given that it was quite clear from the minutes of the last meeting that the board would continue until implementation was complete in 2016..."

"Earlier this year, the Sunday Express exposed a police warning that vulnerable children were falling victim to "further criminal acts" due to the "significant time delay" caused by the complex Girfec legislation. And last week teaching unions told MSPs at Holyrood that paperwork created by the Named Person scheme was now the biggest burden on headteachers in Scotland."

"Simon Calvert of No To Named Person, which is spearheading the court challenge to the legislation, said: "Its quite clear from the minutes that this board fully expected to meet again so its demise came out of the blue. Police concerns that the Named Person approach may move the focus away from high risk children was by far the most significant item discussed at what turned out to be their last meeting."

"If it is true that the Government closed the board down because they didnt want it exposing the risks created by their Named Person scheme then this is a resignation issue for the minister..."


  1. Looks like running for cover if a Major Body like the Police point out the Flaws and then go into secret meetings without allowing Freedom of information access .Which unless MI5 Trident talks is there only excuse therefore surly unlawfull . Need to think about that . ? Raises more questions that cannot be answered .The future of our Children and Country .

  2. Yes, it looks like the Scottish Government is trying to avoid more bad press about the Named Person scheme.

    Police Scotland is not the only body who has pointed out the flaws in this policy. They must be queueing up by now.

    What was it Aileen Campbell said? "Together we must put children at the heart of everything we do."

    But she does not want to hear what anybody has to say.

    That`s a strange version of `together`.

  3. The SNP is becoming synonymous with Secrecy?

    So much for working for the Scottish People for the Good of Scotland?

    Instead, it appears like it is the same old same old, looking after Partial Interests and to Hell with the Scottish Public?

    This is what happens when the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament jump to the tune of the power-holders the Law Society of Scotland?

  4. There`s a battle going on in Parliament at the moment to have Scottish judges declare their interests which so far they have resisted.

    As for the SNP, I used to think they were a party pushing for Scottish independence whilst keeping an eye on Scottish interests.

    Actually they are selling off Scotland`s assets to private interests - water, coal, railways. On and on it goes.

    I`m afraid they`re as corrupt as the rest of the establishment.

  5. no better no worse than Westmonster na worse cause I thought they would be better