Sunday, 29 November 2015

Global march for climate change

"We are having people march in 2,300 cities around the world right now. "Climate change protesters march across the...
Posted by Channel 4 News on Sunday, November 29, 2015


Five thousand people are standing in the rain in Edinburgh to protest, and I have heard that the Rest and Be Thankful is snowed under. I do not know what people are expecting at this time of year ! Do they want it warmer or cooler ?

"The United Nations Conference on Climate change starts on 30 November and runs until 11 December, at a conference centre on the outskirts of Paris. Its expected that about 40,000 people will attend. The website has an FAQ section that asks the question how much all this will cost, but fails to answer it; one estimate puts the cost at over $1 Billion. The carbon footprint will of course be enormous the official website gives no information on that question either, though an amusing article at Forbes comes up with an estimate of 10,000 tons of CO2. "

There is also the cost attached to organising the protests to consider.  It would be farcical if it was not so serious.


  1. When its discovered that India stiil in great need to develope and has mass quatities of unused Coal ,just as they can consider its use and become a Nation of Wealth its been suggested they get paid not to use there resouces as we beleive the massive hype on Climate Change with plenty scaremomgering .Again its all about fuel energy control .Lets go back to the early shelved Electric car one rule for one Nation to pollute the Planet and another for domestic developement use in another country . .Nature will have its way .Wars need fuel nd furnaces to melt and shape bombs . So Climate change should be labelled BAN THE BOMB and the WAR MACHINES and there fuel for JETS ,.

  2. Yes, the war machine has energy costs and the carbon footprint for that must be huge. We do not hear the United Nations spouting about that with regard to Syria.

    The reason I like to keep my eye on this topic is because it is part of Curriculum for Excellence and sustainability education. Children from the earliest are encouraged to have an emotional response to climate change. No science. No critical thought. Just be part of saving the planet.

    If you look at the video from UK Column, it looks like those on protest marches are being wound up and manipulated in a similar manner to children.

    If only people would discuss the science. It`s complex, disputed, and requires further investigation. The UN would have us return to the Dark Ages before that is allowed to happen.

  3. War of the Worlds on this Planet now Fuel Control is Power in the Skies and at sea . while populations suffer and like sheep promote there own suffering as good hearted but mislead .The creation of enemies the need to retaliate with Energy consumtion suffering and pollution .

  4. This statement is useully followed by using THE WORD .., EMPLOYMENT as a DEFENCE for WAR ..Building Trident ect an age when Workers are going to Foodbanks . ?

  5. There`s a lot at stake.

    Climate science has been marred by scandal and there is a huge debate on the Web.

    "The Climategate scandal rocked the scientific world... It split the scientific community and the public, and the divide seems to keep growing...."

    "The other problem was that many of the climate science papers that became headlines weren’t replicable from the submissions given to journals...This meant that public policy was being based on science the couldn’t be independently verified."

    "To remedy this, Alan Watts, founder of the Open Atmospheric Society, plans on having all article submissions make all of their data and methods publicly available online for review."