Friday, 20 November 2015

Paris events; more questions than answers

There are two stories that have come out of Paris that I find intriguing.  One is the story of a young woman who is described as vulnerable and fragile. Those who have been put through the care system are often described in these terms and can be taken advantage of; but it is likely that we will never really know what happened to the woman.

"A woman who reportedly blew herself up during a raid in Saint Denis was "vulnerable" and "fragile", a former school friend has claimed. "

"The friend, named only as Khemissa, said Hasna Aitboulahcen had been a normal girl at school, getting good grades, but that she had gone through a bad patch, being moved between foster families. Aitboulahcan is understood to have activated a suicide vest during a police raid on a flat, following Friday's deadly attacks in Paris."

The second story is about a pregnant woman filmed dangling by her fingers from a window ledge at an impossible angle.
"A pregnant woman who was filmed hanging from a window ledge by her fingers at the Bataclan theatre on the night of the Paris attacks is reportedly doing well, as is her unborn baby."

Not everyone is convinced:

"It is incredible that there is so little mobile phone footage of the Paris events given that everybody carries one these days. The little footage that exists (like this) strains credulity. I find it very hard indeed to believe that a pregnant woman could hang on to a window ledge for ages like that and then some hero (unseen) arrives later to pull her to safety. Is she on a wire? Is this some kind of theatre to make us believe in another event that (again) none of us have seen. There is no convincing footage of what happened during the attacks inside the Concert Hall..."
The event was filmed by a journalist who just happened to be in a flat in the building opposite.

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    From Craig Murray

    "I did not believe the official story of Hasna Ait Buolacehn the moment I saw it. The official line was that she was a suicide bomber who blew herself up when the police stormed the apartment in St Denis where the alleged terrorist ringleader was hiding out.

    But that story seemed to me completely incompatible with the recordings on which she could plainly be heard screaming “He is not my boyfriend! He is not my boyfriend” immediately before the explosion. She sounded like a terrified woman trying to disassociate herself from the alleged terrorist. It was a strange battle cry for someone who believed themselves on the verge of paradise."

    "Then yesterday the truth emerged from forensics that she was indeed not a suicide bomber. None of the mainstream media appeared to find this in any way troubling. And just in case anybody did, the BBC (and I assume all the French and major international media) then immediately did an interview with an anonymous member of the French Police attacking squad, who stated that Hasna was:"

    “trying to say she was not linked to the terrorists, that she had nothing to do with them and wanted to surrender”.

    But he said that due to prior intelligence, “we knew that she was trying to manipulate us”.

    "Unfortunately this would have been a very great deal more convincing had it been stated 48 hours earlier, rather than only after the original reports that she was a suicide bomber had been corrected on forensic examination. As it is, it looks very much like a post facto justification, a new story to cover the new facts."

    From the Independent

    Hasna Ait Boulahcen, the woman labelled "Europe's first woman suicide bomber" did not blow herself up during a police raid on an apartment building in Saint-Denis, new reports have claimed.

    Boulahcen is reported to have shouted: “Help me, help me, I am on fire,” prior to the explosion...

    After the explosion of the suicide bomb, sporadic gunfire could be heard from within the flat.
    Jean-Michel Fauvergue, the head of the elite Raid unit that led the operation, described his officers “saturating the place with grenades” when firing continued after Ait boulahcen had blown herself up and a sniper had hit another man. [They`ve just said Ait Boulahcen did not blow herself up ! ]


    (Sky News) HER RESCUER SAYS:

    "I crossed the stage, hidden behind a black curtain. There was no exit on the other side. I ran up the stairs but that just led on the balcony of the concert hall.

    "There were two windows in front of me.

    "On one of them, a pregnant woman was begging people to catch her if she fell. It was chaos below.

    "I went through the other window, and clung to a vent. It was 15 metres (50ft) above the ground.

    "I held on for five minutes and then the pregnant woman, who was exhausted, asked me to help her get back inside. And that is what I did." [Five minutes? That`s a very long time to be hanging from a ledge.]