Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Currriculum for excellence: propaganda in schools

Moray pupils created a film to help the new intake make the step up to secondary education.
The ten-minute short shows pupils defining what key elements of GIRFEC such as Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible, Included ( SHANARRI..), looks like to them.

All well and good. But how does defining SHANARRI for them help the new intake step up to secondary education?  For primary schoolchildren who have never come across the idea, the video could be perplexing.

Or is SHANARRI supposed to be the cuddly way of viewing schools these days? And the exercise was about the performers and not about the new intake at all?

Most likely.

SHANARRI, GIRFEC - the level of brainwashing going on in schools is breathtaking. - and not one word about pupils` private information being shared with the Named Person, the most controversial GIRFEC element. It is obvious that children are being played.
This comes across just as clearly with regard to global citizenship education. In fact, put education after any topic, and it is - only it isn`t.
History, science, mathematics, literature do not require to be followed with the word `education`. But programmes of indoctrination like `citizenship` do.
Poverty. Climate change. Human rights. The themes covered by global citizenship education are so complex that the thought of teaching them can be not only exciting but also daunting. The good news is that you are not alone. There is a world of support out there!
So says Teaching Scotland.
One would expect that a teacher has gone to university and learned their subject: history, science, mathematics, literature, whatever - and after further training entered a school ready to enthusiastically impart their love and knowledge of their chosen subject.
But that is not how global citizenship education works. Teachers are advised to consult charities, websites and online magazines.
Whats more, global citizenship is a key part of Learning for Sustainability the new entitlement for pupils in Scotland, and a key element of the revised GTCS Standards for teachers.  
Notice how UN propaganda is deviously called an `entitlement`.
Go deeper, for instance, into the Stride magazine which is recommended for teachers and you find this:
Refugees welcome? As this ongoing humanitarian crisis continues to unfold and Europe struggles to respond, it is vital that young people have the opportunity to explore this issue. Charlotte Dwyer from Scotdec considers how we can explore this issue in the classroom...
She recommends a human rights approach, and then this:
The seeds of the current Syrian conflict stem from climate change as well as the political and historical contexts. - See more at:
That is a lie. The seeds of the crisis do not stem from climate change: that is UN propaganda. The seeds of the current Syrian invasion by terrorists are well known, but ignored by the media and educational establishments.
The names of the terrorists may change and become ISIS, ISEL, IS, but are funded by the same source.
Crimes against humanity. Crimes against children that they are being indoctrinated with false narratives. 

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