Thursday, 12 November 2015

Broadband bills may have to go up


"Consumersbroadband bills will have to go up if the investigatory powers bill is passed due to the "massive cost" of implementation, MPs have been warned."

"Internet service providers (ISP) told a Commons select committee that the legislation, commonly known as the snoopers charter, does not properly acknowledge the "sheer quantity" of data generated by a typical internet user, nor the basic difficulty of distinguishing between content and metadata."

"As a result, the cost of implementing plans to make ISPs store communications data for up to 12 months are likely to be far in excess of the £175m the government has budgeted for the task, said Matthew Hare, the chief executive of ISP Gigaclear."

"Hare and James Blessing, the chair of the Internet Service ProvidersAssociation (ISPA), also warned the science and technology committee on Tuesday of the technical challenges the government would face in implementing the bill. "

We are already paying GCHQ through our taxes. Now we may have have to pay twice to be spied on !

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