Monday, 2 November 2015

Confusing pathways to data sharing

The legal challenge against the Named Person scheme was rejected earlier this year.

The judgement stated that "A Named Person is unable to interfere in family life but merely able to make `an offer of help` which may simply be rejected."

Note the `Health Visitors Home Visiting Pathway` and the proposed National Data Collection Points on the flowchart below.


Here`s this from the Express:

"A HANDBOOK for state guardians reveals they will be expected to spend hours grilling families on topics such as money worries, sun cream, TV watching habits and domestic abuse."

"The 64-page document was published last week by the Scottish Government, setting out the new role of health visitors as the state-appointed ‘Named Persons’ for all pre-school children."

"It reveals that every family will now receive at least 11 home visits for each child, over a period from a few weeks before birth until just before starting school."

"Health visitors will be expected to spend up to 90 minutes going through a checklist of "wellbeing indicators" many of which do not actually relate to the child’s health."

"It also makes it clear they will have a "duty" to share information about the family without seeking permission."


Listen to Alan Small, Chair of Fife Child Protection Committee, in conversation with Kaye Adams on BBC Radio Scotland:

National Data collection points
National means National - it means everybody (apart from the elite few).
So while everybody is confused about the role of the Named Person - is it compulsory to engage with the Named Person, or not? -  the statutory and non-consensual nature of data sharing by Named Persons/or any other GIRFEC busybody, is overlooked.
The only way to disengage from such an invasion of privacy would be to withdraw from any interaction with any government body which nowadays includes public/private/voluntary partnerships - and any neighbour, relative or casual busybody who has a concern.
Getting rid of the Named Person does not get rid of GIRFEC and data sharing.
Coming to a Smart City near you !

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  1. Spot on! Data collection (and sharing) is happening and will continue to happen at the "data collection points" regardless of whether or not the person doing the data-collecting has a NP label tacked on to their job description. A nation of lab-rats :(