Monday, 23 November 2015

Questions have been raised again about the suspension of the Chief of Police into Jersey child abuse

From Rico Sorda
"Seven years ago the Jersey Establishment, acting through their `front man` Andrew Lewis suspended the Chief of Police, Graham Power, at the height of the Jersey Child Abuse investigation (Operation Rectangle). If anyone had said then that seven years later they would be summoned to give evidence on oath to a Committee of Inquiry to justify their actions, they would have laughed. Well they're not laughing now are they? "
"Observers at the Committee of Inquiry recently (4th and 5th November 2015 witnessed nearly two days of evidence from a relaxed and fit looking Graham Power, who, a few days short of the seventh anniversary of his suspension as Chief of Police, gave evidence which was damning, and deeply embarrassing, to the Jersey Establishment. Meanwhile, we are reliably informed, a somewhat more shop-worn Andrew Lewis, the official author of his demise is stressed out and positively dreading the imminent prospect of having to justify his actions on oath, having been called by the Inquiry to give evidence.."
"Lewis has given so many different accounts of the grounds for what, most who have examined the case, still consider to be a baffling unjustified and Bonkers decision that many will have lost count of the different versions he has given. Now he has to choose which of his explanations is true and which is false? Which of his various accounts will he give under oath? In case you are reading this Andrew, remember you will be giving evidence on oath. Not telling the truth on oath has a name, it is called "Perjury" and people go to jail for it. Fancy that? If not then it is time to start thinking. "

And the connections go to Westminster and beyond.

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