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Children referred to Gender Identity Development Service has doubled

(Posted in Spike 11th November 2015)

"Last week, the Guardian announced that. in the past six months, the number of children seeking gender-identity advicehas doubled. The source for this was the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trusts Gender Identity Development Service, which claims to be unique in the United Kingdom. "
"Following a freedom of information request, the service revealed that the number of children referred to it had soared from 314 in 2012-13 to 697 in 2014-15. There is likely to be a further increase when figures are released next year, with 634 children already having been referred between April and September. The service says that many referrals relate to children under the age of 10, while a three-year-old and 12 four-year-olds were also referred. Another development is that a majority of its clients are girls, seeking to become boys."

"Dr Polly Carmichael, the director of the service, says that attempting to meet the demand from children puts the service under huge pressure. Carmichael, who is a psychologist, acknowledges there are a lot of unknownsbehind the surge in referrals. So whats the reason for the increase? Gender expression is diversifying, said a spokeswoman. Social media and high-profile trans figures, such as Caitlin Jenner, are also cited as reasons behind the increase in referrals..."

Note the confusion between `sex` and `gender`.
Sex refers to the biological distinction between males and females; by contrast, gender concerns the social differences between males and females... Men and woman also face different social expectations, as when women are expected to be more nurturing than men; this is a difference of gender. Gender varies across time and culture, as different groups have different beliefs about appropriate behaviour for males and females.
 To say that gender expression in western cultures is diversifying is nonsense and this cannot explain the increase in referrals of children to the Gender Identity Development Service.

"The same week as the Gender Identity Development Service revealed how many children were seeking its help, CNS News reported on an interview on Brazilian TV with the feminist critic Camille Paglia, who views the rise of transgender maniaas a symptom of cultural collapse in the West. Paglia pulls no punches, accusing transgender propagandistsof making wildly inflated claims about gender identity. She criticises the popularity of sex-change procedures nowadays, stating that a person is born either male or female, and no amount of treatment can change biological reality. Whats more, she argues that sex-change procedures are being wrongly imposed on children. Parents are now encouraged to subject the child to procedures that I think are a form of child abuse, she said:"

I think this comment also gets close to the mark:

"In his essay 'A New Way to be Mad', Carl Elliott suggested that society can 'create' trans-sexuals through contagion: if an idea is talked about often enough, it gains a level of validity. People then interact with its validity - "Hmm, I have always felt different, perhaps I am one of these 'trans-sexuals' I keep reading about?" (ADHD would be another example). Society/culture/medicine supplies the opportunity to identify with the condition, thereby creating people with the condition, thereby bringing the condition to life."

"Elliott's contagion theory is sound but, when applied to Transgenderism, it is not society/culture/medicine supplying the opportunity. Rather, it is the State, which now permits us to have a legal identity that does not correspond to our sexual identity. Thus the simple answer to the question of why more people are changing their legal identity is 'because it was not previously possible but now is'."

But it does leave the question: why is the state and its media propagandists promoting this medical procedure as a legitimate lifestyle choice and how can they possibly allow this to be done to children?

Unless this is cultural collapse by design.

Warning: strong language !

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