Thursday, 26 November 2015

Aileen Campbell should be transparent about advice received about Named Person scheme

Posted 24.November 2015
Liz Smith MSP
"The SNP must publish evidence on the controversial named person and GIRFEC policy as a matter of openness, the Scottish Conservatives said today."

"The expert steering group set up to oversee the introduction of state guardians by the SNP was scrapped by ministers earlier this year."

"Now in a letter to children and young people minister, Aileen Campbell, the Scottish Government has been asked to publish all the advice it received from professionals about the implication of the scheme."

"Many of the provisions of the contentious policy are still to come into force, including the plan to assign a named personto every under-18 in Scotland."

"But because the expert panel has now been scrapped there is now no way of the public finding out what concerns the group of professionals fed back to the SNP about the policy."

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