Friday, 10 June 2016

Whistleblower accuses Fife Council of failing Liam

On the front page of Daily Record today (10 June 2016) by James Moncur:

"Social workers had contact with Liam Fee`s killers just 24 hours before his murder - but failed to intervene to save his life."

"That is the bombshell claim by a whistleblower who accuses Fife Council of missing multiple chances to rescue the two-year-old."


  1. "Now the NSPCC has called for lessons to be learned following the tragedy."

    "A spokesperson for the charity said: “We know that budgets are facing increased pressures – and the hard work being done by social workers is continually being challenged by this..."

    “In the case of Liam we know this didn’t happen. Something was horrendously wrong with his relationship with his primary carers and Liam died as a result."

    “We have called for wider lessons to be learned, and Fife Child Protection Committee has already begun a Significant Case Review to look at what went wrong."

    “It is right that we let this process take its course before any proposals for system change are made."

    Nope. I think we have a right to call a halt to SYSTEM CHANGE. The pressure on front line staff in all departments is indisputable. This is chaos - the last thing that any charity concerned with children should be advocating.