Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Standards in numeracy continue to fall

"Pupils in Scotland are doing less well in maths, according to the latest Scottish government figures."

"Between 2013 and 2015, the proportion of P4 and S2 students performing `well or very well` fell."

"Pupils from better off areas recorded better results than those from the most deprived communities..."

"Scottish Labour education spokesman Iain Gray called the figures a disgrace."

"He added: `Our children pay the price in poorer literacy and numeracy skills. No wonder the SNP hid these figures until after the election. They lay bare their failure on education. Performance fell in every category and every stage, and the gap between the richest and the rest increased`."

"`John Swinney says these new figures show the scale of the challenge he faces, but it is a challenge he created himself by slashing investment in education during his near decade in charge of Scotland's finances`."

"Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer said the survey showed that the new education secretary must `get to grips with the inequality that is becoming embedded in our society`."

"He added: `Rather than pursuing national testing, the Scottish government should be making its priorities in our schools the recruitment and retention of staff and the reduction of staff workload`."

Turning Scotland`s schools into wellbeing clinics hasn`t helped education either.

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