Monday, 27 June 2016

The explosion of bitterness from young people after Brexit

"Among the many divisions brought to the surface by the EU referendum, an apparent ‘generation war’ is raging. A recent poll, which found that most young voters chose to Remain, and most over-45s chose to Leave, has led to an explosion of bitterness from the younger sections of the electorate. Teenagers who are not yet old enough to vote and parents of young children are lamenting a supposedly lost future..."

"What is curious about this idea of a ‘wrinkly bastard stitch-up’, though, is that it actually represents an enormous trust placed by the older sections of the electorate in their children and grandchildren. Ironically for those emphasising just how few years older people have left to ‘live with the decision’, it is these supposedly selfish, short-sighted and nostalgic folk who will experience all the political and economic turmoil in the short term, without themselves having a central role to play in shaping what comes next."

I dislike the idea that the young are called snowflakes which I find disrespectful, just as I dislike the notion that the baby boomers should be regarded as selfish, wrinkly old bastards.

I`m sure that the elderly based their decisions in the referendum on their many years of experience. They would have worried about the world they would be leaving behind for their children and grandchildren.

Young people have always criticised their parents. I did it myself, and quite right too - because the young must flee the nest - but like most people I modified my opinions as I matured. Young people`s antagonisms towards their parents are tempered by love and allow each side to grow.

But the schisms being shaped between the generations by the media after Brexit are of a totally different order.

They are nasty. They are a force of destruction. Expect more.

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