Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fear over loss of support staff in Moray council

"PARENTS OF CHILDREN with special needs in Moray are gathering themselves for a battle with Moray Council as they fear wholesale redundancies for specialist staff. "

"While the local authority is yet to confirm their precise intentions, several parents insist that some classroom support assistants have already been told they will not have a job after the summer holidays."

Councillor Anne Skene"Currently, Moray Council is undertaking a review on how it provides support for pupils with additional needs throughout its school estate. This week the chair of the children and young people’s services committee, Councillor Anne Skene, insisted that the plans involved some reorganisation and confirmed that jobs would be lost `at some schools`."

"However, she insisted that the precise changes in each school would depend on `the individual nature of children who go to them`, adding: `Some schools will get a reduction in hours, some will get an increase in hours. That inevitably means the schools getting a reduction will employ less staff and those with more hours will get more staff`."

 The Children and Young People`s Services Committee webcast will be live on Wednesday June 2016 - 9.30 am.

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  1. "Scotland’s auditor general has said she intends to keep a close eye on the Scottish government’s highly controversial plan to allocate every child in Scotland a public sector `named person` from birth to adulthood to monitor their welfare."

    In an interview with PF, Caroline Gardner said: `With any government policy, we expect to see clarity over what it is intended to achieve and how the government will know it’s progressing as planned`."

    “`In relation to the named person scheme, I’m not sure there is yet a clear enough picture of how it fits into the wider picture of reform for children and early years provision. We will be keeping that whole area under review`.”

    Sixty one million so far for the Named Person scheme while cutting essential services for children in need. How does that fit into the grand scheme?