Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SNP plan to take schools out of council control

by Mel Kelly

"SNP announced they will give head teachers and parents more say in how schools are run - while the real plan is to give businessmen control - just like Cameron."

"The SNP plan is to let businessmen, rather than elected councillors control all schools and Scotland`s £3 billion annual education budget - with the plan being, maybe a parent and an odd pupil can be on the new unelected board - with SNP saying they may allow an elected councillor to sit on the board - but the elected councillor, unlike the businessmen, will have no voting power."

"And schools are to be managed in `clusters` - the word the SNP choose to use - rather than Academy Chains - as SNP`s plan is to roll out David Cameron`s outsourcing of control of all schools - so our kids education and school budgets can be plundered and sent to the Cayman Islands - as has been happening across England since the coalition seized power."

"This is David Cameron`s policy - which was why head teachers from academy chains and Oxford academics all met in Scotland to discuss the plot."

"Combined with this is the plot to allow these businessmen to use schoolchildren, now in their hands, to work in their local business for free - under the guise of education - over a 2 year period - in a very little known scheme being piloted right now, Foundation Apprenticeships - where children are being taken out of their classrooms, over a two year period, in fourth and fifth year to be sent to nursing homes to work as unpaid labour."!10-things-to-know-this-week/cjds/3

"The Certificate of Work Readiness (CWR) gives young people a recognisable qualification, to show employers they have relevant experience for the workplace."

 Here`s the hard sell:

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