Tuesday 28 June 2016

Independent expert resigns from Scotland`s child abuse inquiry

"An independent expert has resigned from his position on Scotland’s child abuse inquiry claiming it is `doomed` due to Scottish Government interference."
"Professor Michael Lamb, a professor of psychology at Cambridge University, said the inquiry’s fact-finding was being `constrained` and `micro-managed` by ministers."

"QC Susan O’Brien is leading Scotland’s inquiry into the historical abuse of children in care, which is expected to last four years."

"Professor Lamb joined Ms O’Brien at a launch event in March during which the QC told abuse survivors the inquiry would `shine a light into the dark corners of the past`."

"But in an open letter to education secretary John Swinney, Mr Lamb said he had grown frustrated that the Scottish Government was continuing to interfere `in ways large and small, directly and indirectly`."

"He said: `Continuing interference threatens to prevent the Inquiry from investigating thoroughly and taking robust evidence of the highest quality`."

"`To be worthwhile, the inquiry must ask fearlessly about what happened to children in care, who and what institutions failed in their duties of care at the time and subsequently, how the affected individuals can ‘be made whole, and how we can ensure that such unconscionable events never happen again`."

"`Crucially, its fact-finding should not be constrained or micro-managed by one of the bodies whose actions or failures to act may ultimately be criticised`..."

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