Sunday 26 June 2016

Rollercoaster derailed at Strathclyde theme park

"At least 10 people are thought to have been injured when a rollercoaster derailed and crashed into a children`s ride at a Scottish theme park..."

"Eyewitnesses say it crashed to the ground leaving a number of people trapped inside - while a group of heroic dads attempted to free them..."

"Chief inspector David Bruce said `A joint investigation by Police Scotland and the Health and Safety Executive is now under way,` reports the Daily Record..."

"Richard Lyle MSP, whose constituency includes Strathclyde Country Park where the theme park is situated called for a `full investigation` into the incident."

"He told STV: `I`m totally concerned and horrified at this terrible accident`..."

"M & D`s theme park has suffered a number of incidents since 2011, it has been claimed."

"The Tsunami ride, which today crashed to the ground and landed on a children`s ride first operated in Spain and France before coming to the UK in 2003 at the Hull Fair."

"The Italian-built ride was then transported to the Millennium Dome in London, where it spent the Christmas season before being dismantled and transported north to M & D`s at Strathclyde Park in 2004..."

"It is still not known what caused the rollercoaster to derail."

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