Saturday, 25 June 2016

Learning for the 21st century

It`s different to what was required in the 20th century because you don`t have to actually know anything. So they say.

Here`s Learning and the Brain:

"In an age where so much knowledge is easily found on Google, there is little advantage in carrying a lot of information in one’s own mind. What is valuable is the ability to ask critical questions, synthesize information to develop opinions and work with diverse others to achieve broad goals. But our educational systemat the prekindergarten through college levelfocuses on giving students knowledge rather than training them to be thinkers."

So they are going to study our brains while emptying our minds, all the better to manipulate us.

I think the recent emotional responses to the Brexit vote exposes how far the global educators have come. Few people interviewed felt it necessary to back up their opinions with facts.

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