Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Refreshed guidance about Named Person on its way

"The Scottish government is to `refresh` guidance about its named persons scheme after acknowledging `concerns`."

"MSPs debated the system, which will assign a named person to everyone under 18 in Scotland from 31 August, in a Conservative-led session at Holyrood."

"The Tories sought consensus by calling for a `pause` in the policy, despite backing scrapping it altogether."

"This was rejected by MSPs, who amended the motion to one backing the policy but agreeing `more must be done`."

"However, the Scottish Conservatives question whether the policy is `deliverable in the proposed format`, and whether it is `in the best interests of children and families`."

"Education spokeswoman Liz Smith said the Tories had `deliberately steered clear` of explicitly opposing the policy as a whole in the debate, although the party still wants to see it scrapped."

"She said: `The Scottish Conservatives believe there is growing parliamentary consensus for a major rethink`."

"`But there is also growing concern expressed by many frontline professionals - many of whom have no party political affiliation`..."

"Labour has also called for a `pause`` in the roll-out of the named person system which has been trialled in some areas including Fife and the Highlands, to reassess public support for it."

"The Lib Dems offered `cautious support` for the policy, while the Scottish Greens spoke strongly in favour of it - and against any pause - in the Holyrood chamber."

John Swinney bellowing across at opposition

The latest public poll shows:
"Almost two-thirds of Scots believe the plan to introduce a named person for every child in the country is an `unacceptable intrusion` into family life, according to a poll."
"The Survation poll of 1,024 adults for a national Scottish newspaper found 64 per cent thought the policy - which will assign a single point of contact such as a teacher or health visitor to look out for the welfare of children under 18 - was intrusive." 
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What does that make the 64% who worry about state intrusion into family life: misguided twats?   Russell and Swinney seem to think so.

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