Saturday, 25 June 2016

Anger at police using dead children`s identities

"Bereaved parents tell inquiry of ‘emotional turmoil and anger’ at police using dead children’s identities to create alter egos."

"Bereaved parents have demanded that police reveal whether the identities of their dead children were stolen by undercover officers who spied on political groups."

"One of the parents told a public inquiry on Wednesday she had been left `quite sick` by the uncertainty over whether police had used the identity of her son who had died at the age of 15-months. Another parent whose son had died at two-days-old said she had suffered profound emotional turmoil and anger."

"In a practice that was kept secret for decades, undercover officers stole the identities of dead children to help develop the fictitious personas that they used when they spied on political groups. This was done without the consent or knowledge of the parents."

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"In 2013, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, gave a general apology for the `shock and offence the use of this tactic has caused`."

"However police have refused to tell any of the parents that their children had been used in this way. Their refusal is being challenged at a public inquiry into the undercover infiltration of hundreds of political groups since 1968."

"Lord Justice Pitchford, who is leading the inquiry, held a hearing to consider whether police have a duty to disclose to parents that the identities of their dead children had been stolen by undercover officers. He is due to publish a ruling at a later date."

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