Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Thomas Hamilton`s connections

"Sunday 13th of March (was)... the 20th anniversary of the 1996 Dunblane school shooting by Thomas Hamilton, one of the deadliest mass murders in UK history, when gunman Hamilton killed sixteen children and one teacher at Dunblane Primary School near Stirling, Scotland, before killing himself (allegedly)."

"There had been more than 20 complaints to police regarding Hamilton’s behaviour towards the young boys who attended the youth clubs he directed. When Hamilton had been a Scout leader several complaints were made about his leadership there, including two occasions when Scouts were forced to sleep with Hamilton in his van during hill-walking expeditions. Hamilton’s Scout Warrant was withdrawn, with the County Commissioner stating that he was `suspicious of his moral intentions towards boys`. Paul Hughes, a detective sergeant with Central Scotland Police (and obviously not a freemason), recommended that Hamilton should be prosecuted for his behaviour but his police bosses and the procurator fiscal refused to act. The police had received warnings from children, parents and associates during the nine years before the massacre concerning Hamilton’s obsession with firearms, his mental instability and his obvious paedophilia."

"Gwenne Mayor was killed with 16 of her class."

"The police consistently and repeatedly did nothing. Not only that, despite his erratic behaviour and mental instability he was allowed to continue to run his youth groups and to keep the firearms he eventually used for mass murder. But then Hamilton was a freemason and Scotland is a hotbed of freemasonry. And remember that because of the dire oaths they have sworn and the little `morality` plays they act freemasons must support each other over and above the law. Also they are taught that they must lie, even under oath, to protect a fellow freemason. So you can never trust anything that a freemason says. Freemasons can commit criminal acts with impunity and they often do."

"It is known that Hamilton was an active paedophile. He abused boys at his Loch Lomond camps and had been reported to the police, which with other incidents made him known to half the police forces in Scotland. Not only that, there is strong suspicion that he was a procurer of boys for establishment paedophiles. The sort of people who, like Greville Janner, systematically rape boys throughout their adult lives with no fear of retribution because of their position, their power and their freemasonry. Despite being unemployed Hamilton was known to be a very free spender. It doesn’t take a genius to realise where this money was coming from."

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None of this will form part of the Scottish child abuse inquiry.

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