Friday, 4 March 2016

Fear that 8 year old boy could be radicalised

"A school called in social services after an eight-year-old boy told a teacher he wanted to 'fight terrorists' after watching a news report on the Syrian refugee crisis."

"Teachers referred Rhys Atkinson to Wirral Council's children's safeguarding hub over fears he could be 'radicalised' and turn into a terrorist."

"Rhys, a pupil at St Michael & All Angels in Upton, on the Wirral, Merseyside, had been watching a TV news report on the Syrian refugee crisis."

"Father Mark Atkinson said: 'I was called in for a meeting with the head and couldn't believe what she was telling me."

" 'I was so much in shock I could barely speak. How could the school believe my eight-year-old child could be a terrorist?' "

"He says he was approached by staff as he waited at the school gate for his children to finish their day."

"He said: 'The school has been raising money to help with the refugee crisis. My son came home and told me his form teacher had explained how the crisis had begun."

" 'I sat him down and we discussed it. The next day he went into school and said that he wanted to fight terrorists. "

'Then all of a sudden it's being implied by his teachers that he is one.' "

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