Friday, 25 March 2016

A fourth whistleblower will help Essex police probe

"A FOURTH whistleblower has agreed to cooperate with a police probe into an alleged paedophile ring ’cover-up’, after being tracked down by the Yellow Advertiser. "

"The source managed a charity project in Essex and worked with young boys who had been abused by men in Shoebury in the late 1980s. "

"The source said he and colleagues had felt ’deep regret’ for 25 years over the way the allegations were handled by authorities, and that he was ’delighted’ police were reinvestigating..."

"Police Commissioner Nick Alston and Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh announced earlier this month that police would review how the alleged ring was investigated and how victims were treated. "

"In May 1990, two men were convicted for their roles in what Essex Council described in official documents at the time as a ’sex ring’ targeting ’adolescent boys’. "

"Two charity workers who dealt with the young victims have now come forward and reported that boys had disclosed abuse by far more men than the two who were prosecuted. "

"Along with a third whistleblower who was an NHS manager they have also claimed many victims were never interviewed by police and the majority were never given appropriate after-care..."

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