Friday, 11 March 2016

The mental health agenda

Anita Hoge talked on Caravan to Midnight about Common Core (US school curriculum) and the mental health agenda. It is always a good idea to check out what is going on in the United States because it does give an indication of what is going to be crossing the Atlantic.

In a later interview Hoge talked about the reauthorisation of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)

"That`s a new piece of legislation," she said "that is on the federal level to nationalise education. .. First of all, the law that we have been implementing for Common Core for the last several years since 2010 is called No Child Left Behind which was actually implemented in 2008 . There were waivers and all sorts of things that happened...without conventional authority and they`ve been implementing it prior to new legislation being written. So that legislation is called No Child Left Behind. That was the Bush administration who mandated that individual kids had to meet standards in order to graduate."

"So, there`s this great big fight right now...I`m just going to say this: the Republicans, the Democrats and Obama are working together to restructure the United States of American for Education. So this is basically what this reauthorisation is all about... They`re planning to write a bill that amends No Child Left Behind which was passed in 2013 but was then held up in committee.... What you have to understand is that our country was not up to speed yet to accept this. They had to have the technology in place. All the grants had to be in place - the teacher training has been going on for two years; so they`re training the teachers to teach all of this behaviour modification and mental health agenda that I talked about in the last show."

"Anyway, these Bills have been brought forward in this administration and they are speeding these through the House and the Senate. We`ve been talking about the Senate Education Committee pushing this Bill through and no-one has been invited except the teachers. They`re only talking about 14 pages out of that whole Bill and they only released 400 pages but the Bill is 1200 pages long. So they`re not even talking about the whole entire Bill.  It doesn`t even have a number on it... (they`ve marked it all up).  So then the House came out with a Bill that has been referred to as a `kissing cousin`which means it`s almost exactly the same as what they are bringing forward in the Senate."

"So you have these two Bills moving forward, `kissing cousins`, exactly the same except for one thing - they`re debating choice: how the money is going to follow the child."

"You had to have 40 percent of children on free and reduced lunch in order that they can create a Title 1 school. So what they did was to put the 40 percent down to zero. So what that meant was that every child was Title1. It`s a waiver. They`re waiving federal law."

"Who`s waiving federal law?" asks the presenter.

"Secretary Duncan. He created a waiver that waived the poverty guidelines," says Hoge.

"Is it even legal for the secretary to create this waiver?"

"No, it`s not legal. They`re actually bypassing state government, federal government and they`re implementing this agenda without congressional authority and without citizens knowing that they`re doing it."

Hoge goes on: "No-one has stopped Obama; he can do anything he wants....He`s in a position of power that no-one is stopping him and he`s creating an agenda that will eliminate our representative government. It`s a huge states rights issue."

"When you say every child is Title 1 and the money is going to follow the child, that bypasses state government does it?"

What that means is, because of the new criteria, every child is Title 1. That sets up two things: data collection on your individual child ...but it also marks your individual child for remediation towards government objectives.  So it identifies your individual child to meet all the Common Core objectives which are also the attitudes, values and dispositions that we talked about. That`s why I filed the federal complaint against the State of Pennsylvania - because they were testing attitudes, values and dispositions. They were violating federal law. They were violating civil rights...Do we have a right to think what we want?  Do we have a right to say we have an opinion about something?  So now the government is saying you have to have - they call it a minimum cognitive attitude -  you have to have the attitude of the government in order to meet certain criteria. So the government is scoring and remediating personality traits of children at school."

"Minimum positive attitude ratings?" muses the presenter.

"That`s what they said. The children have to have a minimum positive attitude and it`s being scored to what they call a criterion. They have a standard for honesty, interpersonal skills, getting along with others, - it`s all geared towards collectivism, the whole thing.  I have the whole test... It`s scored towards group effort, following the group; everything has to do with the group... They`re called affective domains. All that means is that they`re testing the values of your children. They are creating a standard. This is the mental health agenda that Obama put forward a year ago to identify children with mental health disorders,  Zero to age twenty one."

"This is where a lot of the remediation is going to take place, in the early years. We have to train children - that`s what Charlotte Iserbyt always talks about,  the operant conditioning - that is your functional literacy part; but you have to have the right attitudes. So if we`re going to change this country from a representative government, we have to have everyone thinking collectivism...communism, whatever - because the government controls the standards."

"So this Title 1 blanket is saying `Johnny, you`re going to have to meet this outcome or you`re not going to graduate. You`re not going to go to school; you`re not going to go to college. This is your upward mobility for your child and their future...` We`re moving towards a national diploma."

Hoge says: "Remember I think I asked you before what do you think when the state says you have to pass a test in order to graduate?  That removes all local control. It moves it to the state. The state is creating that standard. But it is a federal standard because they have mandated all of the Common Core through this Race to the Top funding...They`re trying to move any control that you have further and further away from your tax base."

Hoge is asked: "Why can`t the individual states push back and say `We`re not doing this?`"

"They can`t;  because a lot of them have accepted all of the money. A lot of them have been taken over by the people who want this: the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Round Table. This is to create human capital... The Department of Labour created these standards with Education which were functional literacy -  the docile worker of tomorrow, the global worker. If we have to compete with China - what kind of workers do you have in China?  Slaves. Right. It`s the docile worker. We don`t want you to complain; we don`t want you to say that you have rights - you don`t have rights. You stay in line, or you don`t get your bowl of rice."

"This is basically where we`re going. It`s the complete total quality management. They call it feedback loop control. What does that mean? They have this database that monitors the children, the standards, the teachers, the curriculum, the teacher training, and they can cross reference all the information .. You cross reference all the information, so you identify the child if they are not meeting outcomes by the test. You have to validate all that curriculum to be sure that it`s teaching to those standards. You have the teacher retraining. Why do you think they have to retrain teachers?  Don`t you think they have the reading and math teacher ready in college?"
Hoge adds: "Most of them are going along with it. ... When teachers are monitoring these children in their attitudes, values and behaviours, they are really practising without a licence. This is one of the violations in Pennsylvania - that teachers are being primed to monitor the mental health of children in school . These are teachers turning over your kids to the Federal government. You realise that? Because all the information is collected on the local level."

"This has been going on a long time as Charlotte Iserbyt
will tell you."

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