Friday, 4 March 2016

Abuse survivors are unhappy with inquiry

"Abuse survivors are threatening to pull out of the Scottish Government's inquiry into historic childhood sexual abuse, after accusing ministers of ignoring their concerns and said First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was 'walking by on the other side'. "

"One of the largest groups representing those who claim they were abused by the people who were supposed to protect them said education secretary Angela Constance had repeatedly let them down."

"In Care Abuse Survivors (Incas) said they had lost all faith in the Scottish Government, because of a failure to lift the time bar currently preventing many victims from seeking civil redress. In addition the group said the government had had to go back on promises to review the law regarding people abused before 1964 who can never take legal action as the law stands."

"Campaigners are also angry that the government has refused to extend its inquiry to cover people abused in non-residential settings."

"Alan Draper, Incas parliamentary liaison officer said: `The Education Secretary, Angela Constance, promised to have regular contact, but ignored survivors for eight months, and then produced a pre-prepared press release , which bore no relation to the discussion that had taken place. Survivors felt that this heaped contempt on top of inaction.` "

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