Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Former council worker targeted vulnerable teen

"A FORMER council employee accessed social service records to try and bribe and threaten a child into having sex with him."

"Aaron Whitman repeatedly offered a 15-year-old money for sex on Facebook."

"When the vulnerable teen refused he accessed her file, through his job at Essex County Council, telling her he knew where she lived, terrifying her. "

"Sex offender Whitman, 26, admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and misconduct in a public office. "

"He was jailed for 16 months at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday."

"Nicola May, prosecuting, told the court Whitman set up a fake account and identity and began contacting the girl. "

"She said: `He sent her the message ‘Hi, do you want any money at all?’ She tells him at an early stage this is not appropriate adding ‘ what are you, some sort of paedophile?’ "

"After she rejected his increased offers to pay her for sex, going up to £400, she told him she was going to tell her mum. "

"Whitman then revealed he knew the names of her parents, where she lives and some family history. "

"Ms May said: `Working for the council he had accessed her social care records.` "

"The girl informed her parents who subsequently told the police. "

"Whitman later discovered police were investigating him by again accessing the files illegally, which had been updated with details of the allegation. "

"Ms May said: `In his position he had no reason whatsoever to access these records.` "

" `He was particularly targeting someone who not only was 15 but who was potentially vulnerable.` "

This case exposes why the Named Person scheme is such a bad idea.

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