Monday, 28 March 2016

Children in care were victims of a conspiracy of silence

"Lawyer Cameron Fyfe claims vulnerable children in care were `victims of a conspiracy of silence` by those supposed to protect them and police what was going on. "

"Fyfe, of Drummond Miller, who will represent more than 1000 victims abused in care, said: `I fervently hope Scotland’s Child Abuse Inquiry will discover how the system so spectacularly failed so many.` "

" `We’re only now realising the real human cost of those failures to thousands of victims and their families.` "

" `I know of abuse cases dating back to the 50s to the late 90s and cannot conceive how that level of abuse went on and nobody blew the whistle.` "

"Fyfe, who will represent Quarriers homes victims at the inquiry, says many have waited too long for justice. "

"He said: `Too many have died, sometimes from alcohol or drugs, brought about because they were abused as children.` "

" `Many simply gave up hope of ever seeing the truth coming out.`"

The inquiry does not cover children who were abused by their biological or adoptive families; at day schools, clubs or faith based organisations.

That means the conspiracy of silence will continue around the Dunblane shootings and for Hollie Greig .

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