Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Parents worry about unwarranted investigations

"Many parents are reluctant to take children hurt in an accident to the doctor in case they face harsh questioning by social workers, a survey found."

"One in four are worried about visiting A&E or their GP with bumps and bruises after a genuine mishap, amid growing concern about authorities over-reacting by launching ‘unwarranted investigations’."

"Colin Hart, director of The Christian Institute charity which commissioned the study, called the findings ‘shocking’."

"‘And you don’t have to go very far to find cases which have involved the most appalling and draconian treatment of loving parents the family of Ashya King were hounded across Europe and his mother and father arrested and imprisoned because of a disagreement between those providing medical treatment and those who gave him life.’.."

"Nearly six in ten parents feared officials ‘are sometimes too quick to take action against parents who have done nothing wrong’."

"Senior judge Sir Mark Hedley has warned of a ‘highly defensive atmosphere around both social services and in the state generally’. He says this results in ‘an increased pressure on social workers to intervene where they might not have done so in the past’."

"Julie Nevin, from Swansea, had her seven-month old son taken away for nine months over a minor bruise on his forehead before a consultant conceded it was most likely caused by him bumping into a sofa. A judge ruled Reilly was a ‘well cared-for child’, and his parents were allowed to take him home."

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