Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Privatising education

"Plans to force all schools in England to become academies are to be outlined in the Budget on Wednesday."

"The Department for Education is expected to publish draft legislation as early as Thursday, BBC Newsnight has learned."

"The move would end the century-old role of local authorities as providers of education."

"An aide to the education secretary has declined to comment."

Back in October, David Cameron said he wanted `every school an academy… and yes - local authorities running schools a thing of the past`..."

"The proposals under consideration by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan owe much to a pamphlet by Policy Exchange, the Conservative-aligned think-tank, which proposes mass-converting the remaining local authority schools into academies. "

"That document proposed the change for mainstream schools, but did not deal with the future of special schools."

"This report, in short, would mean the end of the national curriculum and national pay scales. By forcing the local authorities out of mainstream education, it would also finally unpick the local authority system of schools put in place in England by Arthur Balfour's Conservative government in 1902."

"The proposals have been attacked by unions, local authorities and by the Labour party. "

Here`s another political charity wanting to push the same idea in Scotland:

"Hometown Education Learning Partnerships (HELP) has been established by the Hometown Foundation, a registered charity, to help improve the quality of education in Scotland. It aims to do this by various means including assisting parent groups to form state-funded autonomous schools, to put head teachers, rather than politicians in charge of education." [That should please Nicky Morgan.]

To get a clue as to who backs Hometown Education Learning Project (HELP), it is associated with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland: which has been supported by Barclays, Tilney Bestinvest (formerly Deutsche Bank), KPMG Prudential and Standard Life.

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