Sunday, 6 March 2016

Harvesting baby organs for transplant

"Women whose babies develop fatal defects in the early stages of pregnancy will be given advice on going ahead with the birth so the NHS can harvest their organs, The Mail on Sunday can reveal."

"Most expectant mothers opt for termination after being told the devastating news their child has no chance of survival once born."

"But now, because of a chronic shortage of donated organs, mums will be 'supported' to have the baby at nine months so that the child's vital organs can be taken for transplant."

"Last night the proposal sparked an ethical debate with one critic describing it as a 'ghoulish suggestion' that would undermine public confidence in organ donation."

"The move was revealed at a medical conference where NHS transplant surgeons said they wanted to take more organs from babies nationally to address a dire shortage."

"As part of this drive, midwives and other NHS workers are to be educated about the potential for using babies' organs in transplants..."

"Speaking of obtaining more organs from newborns, transplant surgeon Niaz Ahmad, of St James's University Hospital in Leeds, said: 'We are looking at rolling it out as a viable source of organ transplantation nationally..."

"In some cases, where donation has been agreed, babies could be certified brain dead but their bodies kept alive by artificial ventilation. Surgeons could then remove organs from these so-called 'heartbeat babies' when they are fresh, maximising what can be used and the chance of successful transplant..."

"At the moment, about 230 babies with anencephaly where most of the brain fails to develop are aborted every year in Britain. Only a dozen are born alive. Raising the issue of organ donation with parents was discussed at the annual meeting of the British Transplantation Society in Glasgow."

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Surely Named Persons could not agree to this ?

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