Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Staunch defence of human rights by NO2NP

That is not how the National sees it:

"SCOTLAND’S `leading children’s charities and public sector stakeholders` have launched a staunch defence of the Scottish Government’s controversial named person’s policy, accusing the campaign against it of misleading the public."

"It comes as the Supreme Court moves into a second day of hearing arguments against the proposals. A mixture of evangelical Christian groups and others have asked the court to challenge the policy, claiming it is not compatible with human rights laws."

"In their letter, the charities, including Aberlour, Barnardo’s, NSPCC, as well as groups representing teachers, social workers and nurses, urge the Supreme Court to dismiss the case, saying the groups that have brought the action are running a misleading campaign."

So who is misleading who ?

Have a look at STV`s broadcast yesterday about the Named Person policy.
"This is not about a state guardian," says Martin Crewe of Barnardo`s.  "This is about the health visitor who already works with the family. This is about the teacher who already knows the child ..."

"So why do we need this extra level then?" asks the presenter.

"It`s not an extra level. It is an articulation of what we already have in place. .."

No it isn`t. This is about lowering the threshold for data sharing and intervention to the level of insignificant wellbeing concerns. That is not something we already had in place. It is Mr Crewe who is misleading the public.


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