Friday, 4 March 2016

National pupil database has 20 million records

"The UK Department for Education has enlarged its mega database containing sensitive personal pupil information to nearly 20 million individual records, according to a Freedom of Information response."

"The National Pupil Database contains a range of sensitive information dating from the year 2000, including name, postcode, ethnicity, records on absence, reasons for exclusion, types of disability, and whether the pupil is a recipient of free school meals."

"Back in 2014, the government waved through legislation that would allow researchers and private sector parties to extract anonymised records from the database."

"The Register first reported on the proposals to allow the private sector companies access to the info in order to create `innovative tools and services` in 2012."

"Jen Persson, co-ordinator at privacy group Defend Digital Me, said the department had informed her in October 2015 that the database holds 8 million records. However, that figure has now proved to be incorrect."

"Why is there now a national database of 20 million people in England, their records created as children, and over half of whom are now adults, and no one knows it exists. Who is using their personal data and for what purposes?"

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