Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How did they threaten Robert de Niro ?

Jon Rappoport
"Okay. So here is the sequence…"

"One, De Niro, who has an autistic child, decides to screen Vaxxed at his Tribeca Festival. Its a film that reveals lies and crimes, and shows there is a causative connection between vaccines and autism."

"Two, pressure is applied to De Niro, so he meets with Florida Congressman Bill Posey, who lets him know the film is right on target. Posey knows, because he and his team have many pages of documents from CDC researcher, William Thompson, who blew the whistle on vaccine-autism fraud in 2014."

"Three, De Niro decides hell not only screen the film, hell introduce it himself, live, onstage."

"Four, out of the shadows emerge people who put the screws to De Niro. What do they tell him? His career in film will end? His annual Tribeca Film Festival will go down the toilet? The medical treatment his autistic child is receiving will be cut off? He and family are now `not safe?` "

"Five, De Niro backs away and cancels the showing of Vaxxed."

"Hes been taught a lesson. Dont go up against the medical cartel. Keep your mouth shut. Suffer in silence."

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