Saturday, 5 March 2016

Technology to change the world

"U-Report relies on volunteer community members serving as U-Reporters to provide information on issues in their communities to create change. In return U-Reporters will receive important information and alerts around international issues."
​Dr Sharad Sapra on Unicef's recent Scottish innovation conference:
"Innovations using mobile technology to register births, sharing real-time data to improve education and health and giving young people a way to connect with their governments are already changing the way we work but there is much more to do."

"This is where we see huge potential working with the Scottish technology sector. At Unicef, we need more innovations urgently to solve some of the challenges that children face and building relationships with key organisations, entrepreneurs and experts is crucial in our work to `innovate for impact`."

"On Monday, I flew over from Unicef’s Global Innovation Centre in Nairobi to host the first Unicef Scotland Innovation event; to initiate conversations that could spark future solutions and collaborations between Unicef and the Scottish technology sector..."

"One of the challenges we presented at the event was centred on one of Unicef innovation’s flagship projects, U-Report."

"As a social messaging tool utilising a number of platforms including SMS, Twitter and more recently the U-Report App, U-Report enables communication between young people and decision makers."


Lifelong learning eh ?

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