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UK Column (22.10.15) reports on Goddard Inquiry

The Missing Files 
"There were two files that Geoffrey Dickens gave to Leon Brittan in 1984, this is the second file and the person who gave it to Geoffrey Dickens has now given a copy to me," Mr Mann said.
"Two questions now arise. Firstly, why were the contents of the file not investigated? Secondly, why was the Prime Minister unable to find this file when he instigated the Wanless Review last year?
Mike Robinson asks: "Is this dossier complete. Is it as it was when it was passed to Mr Dickens or has it been sanitised? "

"This is the question, isn`t it?" says Brian Gerrish.  "Because miraculously this document suddenly pops up.. and I thought to myself has it been doctored to remove any real incriminating information? And then of course after the Leon Brittan put down by BBC Panorama we can presumably have the BBC crowing that there was no substance in that dossier either."

Goddard Inquiry on child abuse

Brian Gerrish says: "Over a number of months I have been asking Justice Goddard what she is going to do to protect child abuse whistleblowers and we have been citing the case of Melanie Shaw. Melanie Shaw of course is the Beechwood Children`s Home whistleblower and ever since Melanie has blown the whistle she has been hounded, victimised, and bullied by the very authorities who allowed the abuse to be committed in the first place."

"So we wrote to the Inquiry and we asked for a simple reply pointing out that under Justice Goddard`s own Terms of Reference she had a duty to care for people who were coming forward. Well we could not get an answer from the Judge. We kept getting an answer from a member of the Information and Engagement Hub... What did she have to say? "

"In this latest letter of course we`ve got exactly what we need because she says ... that the chair has read my letter. Now this lady never refers to Justice Goddard in person; it`s always done as the chair. So is Justice Goddard a chair? Well we assume she is; we assume it is this chair, but we don`t know. But finally the chair has read the correspondence. And here`s the reply:"

"I understand your concerns but unfortunately the inquiry does not have the express duty of care to individuals to which you refer, although of course we understand the need to engage sensitively with victims and survivors and other members of the public."

Brian Gerrish continues: "Now the letter at the beginning says something like you may be disappointed with this response but actually I am not disappointed because here the inquiry is telling us in no uncertain terms that of course the thing is a scam. So they are investigating the police; they are investigating local authorities; they`re investigating charities supposedly for their failure to protect children from abuse and when you report to them a case where day by day that abuse has continued, all the inquiry says it is going to do is refer the case back to the very police system that is conducting the victimisation of the child abuse whistleblower in the first place."

"So this letter I think is absolutely key. It shows that the Goddard Inquiry is a scam. And we have now the fact that of course all of that information and team around Justice Goddard is provided by Theresa May and the Home Secretary`s department itself. So there is absolutely no independence. And then we have NSPCC acting as the big fishing net, taking the calls coming into this independent inquiry. So there we have it: if you are a child abuse victim; if you`re a whistleblower and you come forwafd with evidence, do not expect the Goddard Inquiry to protect you because they will simply refer your case back to the very authorities who`ve failed you in the first place."

"It`s outrageous Mike. I can`t think of any other word to express it. But slowly and surely the truth is coming out and let us just remember that the Goddard inquiry is not yet fully set up; they`re still arranging themselves and they have still to answer the question: Who was directly responsible for the IT systems from which the evidence was miraculously lost or destroyed. We believe the Home Office was responsible for those systems but to date there is no reply from the inquiry itself. "

New chair for deaths in custody review

"Following the tragic and brutal death of Sheku Bayoh in Police Scotland custody what is the Home Secretary doing? ... She announced a new chair  for deaths in custody review and who would you choose to do this? Well we cannot make this up. Here we`ve got Dame Elish Angiolini, the woman who refused to get involved and engaged in the investigation of the abuse of Hollie Greig, massive attack on Robert Green for trying to expose the failure of Grampian police and others to investigate that child abuse case. Then this is the lady brought in to advise the Met Police on their rape policy . We`ve now got a brutal death in custody. Who do you bring back in ? Elish Angiolini. I get a mental picture here of the cowboy wagons drawn in around the plane and they are now so desperate to protect the establishment they have to bring in a safe pair of hands at every opportunity."
"Indeed," says Mike Robinson. "Here`s the cover-up queen."

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  1. "...ever since Melanie has blown the whistle she has been hounded, victimised, and bullied by the very authorities who allowed the abuse to be committed in the first place." Wake up, can you not see the wood for the trees? The very authorities...

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