Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Former police officers come forward about alleged cover-ups

Dolphin Square - Wikipedia

The recent BBC Panorama programme investigating allegations of a VIP paedophile ring failed to question police accounts of cover-ups.

The Mirror has reported on the matter.

"More and more officers are coming forward with allegations that cases involving high-profile figures were dropped."

"Half the probes into alleged cover-ups of abuse by VIP paedophiles are due to claims by former police officers."

"While cops are said to have failed to stand up some reports by alleged victims, more ex officers are coming forward to insist cases were canned."

"Papers seen by the Sunday People on 16 cover-up probes reveal disturbing claims."

"One retired officer says that in a search of a paedophile’s home he found a document from the Houses of Parliament listing prominent individuals involved in a child sex ring."

"Another claims an operation targeting rent boys in London’s Dolphin Square said to be the HQ of one ring was stopped`due to officers being too near prominent people.` "

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