Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Police Scotland target family after reporting a paedophile

Brian Docherty from Glasgow reports on video how his family were targeted by Police Scotland after informing them that a paedophile attempted to buy access to his son for £25,000.
From the blurb published on 6 Apr 2015
"This paedophile was very close friends with a member of the aristocracy - a Viscount. This Viscount threatened parents if they reported his friend to the Police that he would get social services onto their children."

"This happened."

"Not only did police officers not investigate this paedophile but they sent a litigious report to social services about this family - even though they had not seen or met the children."

"The parents took their children to Ireland for a week to contact their government safely about police corruption. Scottish Police contacted Interpol to find this family."

"The police and social services then entered lies into their children's health notes and planned an attack on this family by supplying false information to Irish police who seized these children with armed officers."

"The four children were placed into foster homes - because their parents reported a dangerous paedophile to the police."

"An Irish judge returned the children to the police after she ruled in favour of the parents and the children. The correspondence from these parents to governments was described as explosive."

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