Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Epileptic son left to bathe alone in NHS care unit

"The mother of a vulnerable teenager, who died after suffering a seizure while taking a bath at an NHS assessment unit, has expressed her shock that he was allowed to bathe behind a closed door. Connor Sparrowhawk, 18, who had a learning disability and epilepsy, was found by staff submerged in the bathtub at the unit in Oxfordshire and died later in hospital."

"Speaking at his inquest, Connor’s mother, Sara Ryan, said when he was at home the teenager bathed downstairs with the door open and a family member speaking to him. "I would never have thought of leaving Connor alone in the bathroom for any period of time," she said. "

"But the inquest in Oxford has heard that when Connor took lengthy baths at the Statt (short-term assessment and treatment team) unit at Slade House the door was closed and he was checked only every 15 minutes. "

"Ryan said she had only heard during the inquest that the door was closed and said she would have objected had she known. "

"Asked why she had not mentioned the need to observe Connor in the bath, she said it had not occurred to her to raise it with expert staff. She said it would have been like asking a school teacher taking children on a school trip not to `let them loose on a motorway`."

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