Friday, 9 October 2015

Parents wrongly accused are still fighting to have child returned

"A couple who were wrongly accused of abusing their baby have told how they will ‘fight until their last breath’ to be reunited with their child after the six-week-old was adopted before the pair were cleared."

"Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guildford, Surrey, said they felt pain like ‘they had never felt before’ after the youngster was taken into care when the concerned parents took the baby to hospital."

"The couple, both 25, had taken the youngster to be seen by doctors at Royal Surrey County Hospital after discovering bleeding in the mouth following a feed."

"But when hospital staff noticed bruising and marks on the baby's body, an X-ray was carried out that showed what were thought to be fractures."

"A few days later the couple were charged with child cruelty and their baby was taken into care."

"Ms Cox and her fiancé maintained their innocence and were finally cleared on Wednesday when a criminal case against them collapsed after new medical evidence showed there were no signs of abuse."

"Defence lawyers at Guildford Crown Court argued the X-rays were consistent with rickets and the prosecution later said one of their experts could not be sure of fractures."

"It was later discovered that the child had a vitamin D deficiency, which causes infantile rickets."

"The baby was also suffering from the blood disorder Von Willebrand II, which causes someone to bruise more easily."

"The couple have now launched a bid to win back custody of the child but legal experts warn their attempts may be futile."

"Speaking after the case, Mr Carter, an Afghanistan veteran with 2nd Battalion The Rifles, described the moment his child was taken away from him and said it ‘just rips your soul away from you’."

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