Sunday, 11 October 2015

Evaluation and assessment to improve standards ?

After all the changes and disruption that has been brought about through the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, there is to be more.
 SPTC - Scottish Parent Teacher Council
10 Things You Should Know About the National Improvement Framework

1. It's not as dull as it sounds! The Framework sets out The Scottish Government's plans for our school system. So it will affect your child in school.

2. There are events happening RIGHT NOW around the country - and parents are invited to go, hear more, ask questions and give your views....…/S…/NationalImprovementFramework/Events

3. The Framework is about measuring and evaluating performance in our schools. One of the biggest and most controversial parts of that is the re-introduction of national standardised testing for children from P1 - S3.

4. National standardised testing was dropped with the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence ten years ago. At that time it was agreed by parents, teachers and government that gathering statistics nationally does not help learning for young people in the classroom, and encourages teaching to the test.

5. Most local authorities already use standardised tests to help teachers and schools plan action to help individual children’s learning. The Government says their new tests will replace the ones used by local authorities.

Check out the tone of Number 6

6. The Framework spells out roles and responsibilities for a wide range of people. It says Parents will:

- Support their child’s education both at home and at school
- Work with their school to support and develop their child’s aspirations
- Work with their child’s school and teachers to help them achieve their full potential.
- Get involved in their child’s education and in their school in a way which is relevant to their circumstances, interests, background and needs.

 Maybe it is best not to ask who will decide the child`s  potential, circumstances, interests, background and needs.
According to the Scottish government website:
We have based the Framework on the best practice which exists internationally on the use of data and intelligence to improve education at system, local, school and individual child level.  
Our work has been informed by the OECD research on Synergies for Better Learning
It`s the management of the whole system, and it`s the beginning of the standardisation of education systems across the world:
Who elected the OECD to do this ?

The government assures us that:
"We will also bring greater focus to improvements in the health and wellbeing of children and young people."
OK, Enter the Named Person.
Meanwhile standards continue to fall.
BASIC mathematics skills amongst Scottish pupils were lower than expected in this summer’s exams, senior officials have warned.
A report by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) found pupils struggled with maths qualifications at a number of different levels.

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