Thursday, 1 October 2015

100,000 children made homeless

"New figures released by homeless charity, Shelter, show that nearly 100,000 children are now living in temporary accommodation after being made homeless. Nearly a third of them have lost a home in the private rented sector."

"Charities blame housing benefit which has not kept pace with rising rents."

"Hannah Gousy, of homelessness charity Crisis, said: `Unfortunately, what today’s statistics are showing us is that 30% of people who are being accepted as homeless are homeless because they are losing their home in the private rented sector and unfortunately the cost of housing benefit simply isn’t keeping pace with market rents and that is making it extremely difficult for people.`"

"Javed Khan, chief executive of children’s charity Barnardo’s, called the figures a `national embarrassment`."

"He said: `Day in, day out, Barnardo’s works with vulnerable families and young people who’ve been pushed into rent debt because of low wages.`"

"`Benefits changes have left them unable to cover the costs of essentials.`"

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