Monday, 19 October 2015

Teaching biology with mixed messages

OK, there is `political correctness` gone mad, particularly directed towards early learning environments and schools and with the poor and disadvantaged in mind.
There are certain things that children cannot do, or say, or be. So say those who would rule over us, and so do the sheep who follow them.
And then there are the educators who like to get into the mix as the Telegraph inadvertently explains:
"We've all been bored at school before. This teacher managed to keep her class focused by standing on a table and taking her clothes off ."

"This Dutch teacher has raised the educational bar for others who simply read from textbooks or point to a plastic skeleton."

"Standing on a desk in front of her ninth grade class, Debby took off her clothes to reveal the bodysuit, which clearly showed where all the organs of the body can be found in graphic detail."

Let`s examine the language.

This teacher took the lesson to the next level.

Her method was inspired.

She managed to keep her class focused.

By standing on the table and taking her clothes off.

Snickering in the classroom was an indication that schoolchildren were absorbing the lesson, nothing else.

All perfectly innocent, of course. No gimmicks or the teacher`s exhibitionism involved, at all.

It`s the language of advertising.

And we`re supposed to take this seriously.

Hot Teachers

This is not Debby

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