Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sex offender had Named Person status over 200 children

"An Additional Support Needs teacher [an ironic title in the circumstances], at Forres Academy near Elgin in Moray, is now a convicted sex offender and has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register. She was found guilty of sending grossly offensive or indecent messages on the internet, relating to her personal obsession with child sex ."

"According to today’s, 11th October, national press, this woman Dayna Dickson-Boath had been given ‘Named Person’ status over no fewer than 200 children, under Clause 4 of the Children and Young People [Scotland] Act 2014."

"This genuinely indefensible law sees the universal appointment of a state guardian to every child in Scotland from birth to legal maturity, a guardian with automatic access to the child; and to privileged and exclusive access to information relating to them and denied to parents..."

"At the outset, For Argyll immediately asked about the disclosure arrangements applying to those who would be appointed as ‘Named Persons’. We raised issues about the security that could realistically be provided to each child and young person, many of whom will also be vulnerable, given the numbers of them embraced by a universal provision; and given the numbers of state guardians required."

"With the proven strategic capability of paedophiles, it was obvious that this provision and the inevitable chaos of its implementation on a universal scale would see sexual predators infiltrate the system..."

"Every single Scottish MSP from any party is equally responsible for this profoundly damaging and potentially abuse-inciting Act. SNP MSPs characteristically vote as they are told; but opposition MSPs and it would be good to hear the individual defences for this agreed not to oppose the bill on account of their discomfort with this measure on condition that the matter would come back to parliament before the Named Person measure was implemented."

"In reality, several councils, with permission and encouragement, commenced some covert implementation of the Named Person provision almost immediately; and this February [2015], apparently, MSP’s allowed the measure to go ahead..."

"While the Scottish Government says airily that of course parents can object if they have problems with specific Named Persons for their children, the Acting Minister for Children and Young People, Fiona MacLeod MSP in a fairly recent and markedly incompetent and stubborn radio session with Kaye Adams which included public phone-ins was utterly unable to substantiate how in fact a concerned parent could get the imposed Named Person for their child changed."

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