Saturday, 3 October 2015

Linking children`s records

On Friday`s UK Column Live, Brian Gerrish was accompanied by David Scott and Robert Green on video link.

Brian Gerrish mentioned the recent article by the NO2NP campaign in which they recounted how the Scottish Health Board has been boasting about its new system to share children`s confidential records. "What records are they going to be sharing?" asked Brian Gerrish. "They are going to be sharing NHS records, school records, police records etc. This is going to help us have a leaner, more efficient government because every child`s data can be spread, everywhere."

David Scott wished to continue with the topic because "It is quite Orwellian," he said and he began to read: " The Chief Executive Officer of Nextgate says: This project represents a major move forward in Scotland for delivering joined-up services. Population health relies on accurate, timely and aggregated information."

David Scott stopped reading at this point: "Population health. That`s an interesting concept."

He continued: "As an organisation we understand that patient outcomes depend on the accuracy of the identity verification and the quality of data provided by our technology. This project is a very positive step for the area of Dumfries and Galloway as the local teams recognise how data management is essential for the delivery of integrated and coordinated care. He goes on: we have a powerful sophisticated tool to link children from records and datasets that use NHS numbers, social care numbers, police references, education references and any other type of identifier. We can now share relevant health information with partner organisations using government protocols."

David Scott stopped to explain the protocols and who the partner organisations are: "That`s anybody in the government. ... Now if you know anything about the Named Person scheme, proper government protocols on information sharing equals - if you have a gut feeling that something just might be wrong now or in the future - you can share the information. So the protocols are meaningless. "

Continuing to read: "By exploiting algorithms and probability matching tools in Nextgate we can link records in a way we have never done before. The ... software provides the ability to seamlessly integrate health and social care and third party information. "

"So that is saying quite clearly that we have a huge information net in which confidential medical information will be linked with all other records and shared across government. "

"Welcome to Scotland !"

"It is extraordinary," agreed Brian Gerrish, "And of course, we`ve got the double whammy - to use that expression - that we know this substantial abuse of children is going on at the same time within the state system. So the state cannot protect children... But what are they doing ? They are collecting enough data now and spreading it widely to make those children even more vulnerable to abuse because, of course, the most vulnerable children can easily be identified and tracked down. "

At this point Robert Green joined the conversation. "Well obviously I`m very supportive of what David says about what is happening here in Scotland. It is a terrible, terrible situation. That ... children are in the hands of people they don`t even know:  social workers, teachers, it could be anybody and they seem to have no control at all, or no come back ...and they can`t even check up on the people who are ultimately responsible for the welfare of their children. "

"They`re all professionals Robert," said David Scott sarcastically.

"Yes, they`re all professionals. Now ...if  [Nicola Sturgeon] can guarantee that none of those Named Persons is a paedophile or satanist ritual abuser,  if she can guarantee that, then I think the people of Scotland will have more confidence. "

"It is becoming so obvious what is happening," said Brian Gerrish. "If you look at the language in the reports and listen to the language that comes out of the mouths of the politicians , none of it is clear and transparent, and it is at that point you can say there is something pretty unpleasant going on here. "

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