Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hyperbole ?

Here is Moray Council`s response to the fact they had a sex offender as a Named Person in their Council:

"Moray Council suspended Dickson-Boath when the allegations first came to light in March and she subsequently resigned from her post."

"A spokesman for the local authority told the newspaper: "Ms Dickson was a probationary Named Person at Elgin High School for four months following her appointment in November 2014."

"As a probationary she was supervised by a deputy heat at all times in this role until her suspension in early March 2015."

I think when they said `heat` they meant `head` but were probably giving out a more subliminal message.  (The heat was on them)

Moray Council did the right thing with regard to the sex offender in their midst; but the point is that it makes no difference whether the sex offender was a probationary or not; the Named Person scheme is not safe. How can it be ?

A Named Person is appointed for every child in Scotland, without opt out, and with the architecture in place to share children`s private and sensitive information across all government departments. Although it speaks about working in partnership with parents and children, this is a very one sided partnership which encourages Named Persons to assess ALL parents and children.

For their part, parents and children must use a complaint system that takes a year for completion while the persons they are complaining about have the facility to hold, modify and share all the key documents with their team - working together. It could not be a more loaded system against parents and children.

More to the point, it has been deliberately designed this way and the process of assessment begins at conception and continues for eighteen years at least. Parents do not need to be informed.
Within the United Kingdom, the law dictates that there is a difference between an unborn and a new-born child (European Council on Human Rights, 2008) and in a number of respects it is not legally possible to take action, as it would be if the child had been born.  
The intention should therefore be to do whatever can be done to ensure a child`s safety before, during, and after birth.
Regardless of the ECHR, here is what the Scottish government intends maternity services to do, and it is quite comprehensive:

Midwives will undertake a wellbeing assessment for all pregnant women and where vulnerabilities are identified a request for assistance (referral) will be completed.
Vulnerabilities/risks in pregnancy may be identified in relation to a variety of different factors, whether historical or current including:
 poor economic, material and social circumstances;
• domestic abuse, including previous relationships;
• previous child care/child protection issues;
• children not in parental care;
• problematic substance use, including prescribed medication;
• mental ill health;
• learning difficulties or disabilities;
• physical disabilities of parent;
• teenage pregnancies / young unsupported parents
• homelessness / housing difficulties i.e. rent arrears;
• criminal justice social work involvement;
• parents who have been subject to care proceedings in their own lives;
• families with many changes of address and relationships i.e. transient males and non engagement with maternity services.
• ethnicity
• Late booking / concealment of pregnancy.
The above list is not exhaustive and depends on individual assessment ...
Looking for a child for the adoption industry, the Scottish government supplies the GIRFEC wellbeing wheels, triangles and matrices to make that easy.
Want to find vulnerable children and set up a paedophile network, the Scottish government makes that easy by removing all barriers to information sharing.
Looking for children`s data for product development/research - Scotland is at the forefront of that digital revolution; it`s a lucrative business.
They also have Curriculum for Excellence ripe for further data extraction.
The one thing the Scottish government does not do, is keep children safe.
At this point we might ask how the Scottish inquiry into Child Abuse is getting on - only it isn`t.

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