Sunday, 4 October 2015

Turning kids into superheroes !

The Underpants rule was originally promoted by the NSPCC. See HERE

It has re-surfaced in Australia as a project in StartSomeGood:

My Underpants RULE! is about empowering your child to deal with difficult situations. A bright, lively, funny book that engages children and helps parents/carers/educators gently and effectively teach them their Underpants RULE!
"What's under my PANTS belongs ONLY to ME!" is reinforced by rhymes and scenarios, ingraining what is appropriate and inappropriate, and what to do should anything happen. Like a nursery rhyme, reading this book with your child will ensure the lessons stay with them for life.
Best suited, but not limited to children between 3 to 8 years old.

It ingrains in children what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour ? - but children have never needed ingraining year in, year out. The implication here is quite sordid, as if children are suckers for any passing paedophile.

They go on to say:
What if 1 million… 5 million… 10 million kids knew "What’s under my pants belongs only to me" and exactly what to do if they were in danger? What if the same number were empowered for each of the next 5 generations? There would be far fewer places to hide and innocent victims to exploit for offenders. Let's change tomorrow's headlines today!

So all children have to do is run, kick or scream and that is going to change the world.

Do these people not understand the unequal power relations between children and adults ?
A percentage of our proceeds go to Barnardos (Australia)
Oh that makes this money spinner perfectly legitimate then !  I don`t think so.

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