Thursday, 29 October 2015

Is Gardasil about protecting girls against cancer, or something else ?

"Schoolgirls should stop being given a vaccine which helps protect them from cervical cancer until a "proper investigation" is held into side effects, a campaigner has insisted. "

"Freda Birrell, of UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID), called for a moratorium on the use of the controversial HPV vaccine until more is known about "serious adverse reactions".

"She made the plea as she called for the Scottish Government to hold a roundtable discussion on the safety of the vaccine, involving medical and scientific experts from both sides of the debate. "

"Members of Holyrood's Public Petitions Committee agreed to ask ministers for their view on this, although committee convener Michael McMahon expressed some reservations about the petition..."

"Ms Birrell said: "Of the 88 family reports analysed so far 68% reported their daughters had experienced health problems serious enough to interfere with their education, 24% reported symptoms so severe that their daughter could no longer participate in educational activities, 70% required help with daily care and a full 91% reported being told their daughter's medical conditions were psychological in origin."

"She added: "I am very much aware HPV vaccines are a controversial issue and that this information put's Scotland at a cross roads with a very difficult decision to make. "

"Do we accept what the manufacturer and their list of experts are saying and assume that HPV vaccines are safe and effective and there just happens to be an epidemic of psychosomatic disorders spreading round the world, affecting certain young people who have one thing in common - they were injected with the HPV vaccine. "

"Or do we listen to experts from both sides, to try to discover exactly what the situation is and make every effort we can to get the problem solved?"

My guess is that the interests of the pharmaceutical companies will prevail, but who knows?

Serious adverse reactions have been reported about Gardasil, statistically rare maybe, but real, and with devastating effects on young women and their families.  

Extraordinarily, the effects on reproductive health of Gardasil on the population of young girls vaccinated has not been investigated.  Has the birth rate gone down as a consequence of the vaccination progamme?

It looks like it has.

This video is not for the faint hearted but explores that concern.

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