Thursday, 15 October 2015

`Save your children from UNICEF` exposes prejudiced report

"The Ministry of Women and Child Development is being misled by a prejudiced report on child abuse in India, guided by UNICEF and Save the Children, an NGO."

 "The report, which the ministry has accepted to serve as its statistical anchor, has given an exaggerated number of offenders within the family by clubbing neighbours and acquaintances as relatives. The report further floats a false notion that Indian parents indulge in a "conspiracy of silence" and are prone to cover up cases of child abuse. Suranya Aiyar exposes all this in "Save your child from UNICEF: A study of UNICEF’s biased and false claims about Indian parents". Here is the fourth part of Aiyar’s report."

"The immediate assumption when reading of "sexual abuse" is that the perpetrator is a parent, teacher or some other adult in the private, everyday environment of the child. Also, the term "sexual abuse" is never used when referring to sexual encounters between friends and classmates. This is what distinguishes sexual abuse from other forms of sexual violence against a child, such as rape by a stranger, and from sexual encounters with other minors of its own age."

"However, in the Report, sexual abuse is conflated with generic sexual violence, assault and offences by clubbing under the heading "sexual abuse" sexual acts with peers, such as "friends" and "classmates"; by unknown adults/adults not in a position of trust such as "strangers" and "others", and acts, which though they may constitute sexual offences or be otherwise objectionable, are not commonly understood to be acts of sexual abuse (i.e., involving violation by an adult of a child’s trust), such as a class-fellow or friend showing a child pornographic pictures (the single largest instance of so-called "sexual abuse" of all forms of sexual abuse reported), or forcible kissing among teenagers, or a stranger rubbing their private parts against a child while travelling on a bus. As we will see below, this conflation of sexual abuse with generic sexual violence and other acts has the effect of bumping up sexual abuse figures by several times."

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