Friday, 9 October 2015

Insurance companies and child abuse cover ups

Below is the video of Ann Clywd MP raising the issue of insurance companies and their part in covering up child abuse . The involvement of insurance companies takes many forms and Ann Clwyd refers to a few examples in her speech.

Published on 16 Jul 2015


Freedom Talk Radio will be talking about insurers and the cover up of child abuse this Sunday at 7 pm.
 "Documents. I will have some documents with quotes from insurers about the child abuse risks."
"Zurich and other companies involved - people involved Blair and also backers of Exaro. Effect on Lloyds of London. Who are the actuaries calculating the risk KPMG are one lot. But to calculate the risk they first have to estimate the number of children abused. How are they doing this (which they are) if the statistics for the number of children abused in care are hidden from the public and children's homes records closed for periods between 50 & 80 years."
"The constant attempt to drag child abuse into monetary compensation when the crime is criminal and the first priority should be on investigation arrest and punishment. This is also the start of healing for victims that the perpetrators are brought to justice."
"Monetary compensation alone is a scam to attempt to buy off victims."
"Does the government have reserves to underwrite insurers child abuse risks? I don't know the answer to this question."

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