Monday, 15 August 2016

The GIRFEC grammarian who uses the language of wellbeing

The head teacher at Ayr Grammar explains her approach to GIRFEC.

"At Ayr Grammar we have a very holistic approach to health and wellbeing. To us health and wellbeing and the GIRFEC agenda are not two separate things. They run very much in parallel with each other. We use the language of GIRFEC; we use the language of health and wellbeing all the time with the children. That filters right down into the classroom where the staff are having lots of conversations about the children`s health and wellbeing, experiences and outcomes."

"The children are involved in tracking that but most importantly it`s about the language that the children are using and they`ve got a very heightened awareness of what health and wellbeing means and what getting it right for them means in practice in school."

"In terms of planning for health and wellbeing the staff not only consider the health and wellbeing experiences and outcomes but they also have to consider the wellbeing indicators within that."

There`s a woman who knows how to speak jargon, and the world is full of them. While she is expected to have children achieve critical thinking in her school, she has never quite achieved that herself. But let`s not be too hard on her. She has been worked on relentlessly.


However, I can`t help wondering what Deputy First Minister John Swinney is cooking up, as a response to the Supreme Court judgment which was that the data sharing aspect of the Named Person scheme is unlawful.

He has gone off to consult with his stakeholder/supporter/collaborator friends while ignoring the potential input to any discussion with those who succeeded in pointing out the human rights breaches to his plans.

We know he had insisted that these plans should be defended aggressively. And now he`s instructed local authorities to do what they have been doing all along [ho, ho] and to adhere to data protection and human rights legislation. If so, I cannot imagine what they were supposed to have been defending aggressively.

One might say: What has all the fuss been about? A voluntary `named person` scheme is just fine, isn` it?


And yet:

It is obvious that this is a scratchy yarn of a tale, a face-saving spinning exercise.

As the video exposes above, children`s education in Scotland has been pulverised, smashed to Girfecking nonsense. An integrated, holistic catastrophe. These collaborators sing, they dance, they draw wellbeing wheels with children and spout children`s rights without ever telling children of the rights they were going to lose with the implementation of GIRFEC..

Manipulation to the nth degree. And shame on every adult who took part, and still do.

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