Tuesday 23 August 2016

John Swinney is bluffing about Supreme Court ruling

From the Daily Mail:

"`STATE snooper` schemes already in place across Scotland are unlawful, according to legal advice obtained by campaigners."

"The revelation has prompted the Tories to accuse Education Secretary John Swinney of `bluffing`, following a Supreme Court ruling last month."

"While the brakes have been applied to the SNP`s plan for a Named Person for every child, a quarter of Scots youngsters have already had one imposed on them."

"Many of the councils trialling the scheme have allowed snoopers to share information on children - which was at the heart of the Supreme Court decision that the system breached European human rights law."

"Last night, a Scottish Government spokesman insisted the court`s judgment `does not relate to current practice`."

"But lawyers advising the No to the Named Person campaign - which was victorious in its challenge to the Government - disagree."

"A campaign spokesman said: `The legal situation is clear - any information sharing must be done in line with the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act`."

"`What the 2014 Act says about information sharing must be totally disregarded - not only have those sections never been in force, they`re now never going to be in force because the Supreme Court has ruled them unlawful`."

"`If the practice on the ground looks at all like the 2014 Act provisions - which some of the cases certainly seem to show - then it is unlawful and must be urgently reined in`."

"`We would urge anyone who is concerned about how their information has been shared to make subject access requests to find out what information is held about them, to help expose unlawful practices`...."

"`It costs as little as £10 for a subject access request to find out what data the state holds on your family`."

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